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Texas Trees Foundation

Simply put, the motto of the Texas Trees Foundation is "The Greening of North Central Texas." The foundation sustains a tree-planting initiative for neighborhood parkways and medians, schools, and other public open spaces; a tree-growing facility to assure a healthy supply of trees for the future; and education programs to teach the importance and benefits of maintaining a healthy urban forest.

The Texas Trees Foundation aims to increase the tree canopy in North Central Texas, which will lower temperatures, reduce pollutants in the air, and create a healthier environment for Texas residents to work and play in.

The best way to get involved is to volunteer to help plant trees. You can also sign up for planting events, or sign up to be a volunteer without committing to the events currently listed. Interested volunteers can also reach the volunteer coordinator, Marc Beaudoing at marc@texastrees.org.

In addition to individuals who want to volunteer, many companies have partnered with the Texas Trees Foundation to have planting days for their employees.

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