2014 Oak Cliff Film Festival: Narrative Shorts 1

Photo courtesy of Oak Cliff Film Festival

The 2014 Oak Cliff Film Festival will present Narrative Shorts 1, which will include:

Stone Cars: Stone Cars is a coming of age love story set in the shacks of Khayelitsha township, one of the most dangerous areas in the world. April is faced with a decision that ultimately she will have to live with the rest of her life.

Jonathan’s Chest: Everything changes for Alex, a troubled teenage boy, when he is awoken one night by someone claiming to be his brother, who disappeared years earlier.

Duchamp: It's a love story. Not I love you, I hate you, I need you love story. It's a distance between us, silence surrounds us love story. This is waking up at 3am in a hotel room after a last attempt to spice things up becomes a dozen shitty chocolate covered strawberries, a bottle of cheap champagne, 7 minutes of strained physicality and falling asleep to Jimmy Fallon. The silence is frightening because words can't break it. Words get lost in the distance, no matter how close you are. Three feet is a billion miles. This is that love story. It's not the end. The silent destruction is over. Closing the distance begins. Maybe it's the fumbled first chord of Leonard Cohen's Chelsea Hotel. Maybe it's the song. Maybe it's laughing through the lyric, "giving me head on an unmade bed." It's the beginning. The distance dissipates through song. The music between us heals us. The music between us lets us begin again.

The Immaculate Reception: It's 1972 in the hard-working steel town of Pittsburgh, PA. Joey, 16, the middle of 3 boys, shy and still very much a kid, wants to grow up and be like his dad and brother, strong charismatic steelworkers. Joey has his chance to prove himself when the girl he has a crush on ends up at his house to watch the infamous playoff game between the Steelers and the Raiders.

Be With Me (The Notebook): A woman walks into a video store and makes a sad, strange request.

Person to Person: Waking up the morning after hosting a party, a man discovers a stranger passed out on his floor. He spends the rest of the day trying to convince her to leave.



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Dallas, TX 75208


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