2015 Oak Cliff Film Festival

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The 2015 Oak Cliff Film Festival will take place at multiple locations in Oak Cliff. The following are the screenings and events that will take place at Bishop Arts Theatre Center.

June 12

Student Shorts (7:30 pm)
The student shorts compilation will include the following short films:

  • Kers (Director: Alexia Salingaros) - Due to the negative connotations associated with street art, graffiti artists find it challenging to communicate their art form in public. In this documentary, Catherine has the added difficulty of being female in a man’s world, as even members of her own art community look down upon her because of her gender.
  • Leaves on Tress (Director: Nathan Duncan) - Navigating a new neighborhood, new peers, and a new set of prescription glasses, Ira struggles to find his own.
  • OstrichLand (Director: David McCracken) - Two estranged brothers drive across the country in a truck full of their dead dad's UFO memorabilia.
  • The Bottom Rung (Director: Ron Lecher) - In the world of stand-up comedy, there is a whole unexplored level. Amateur comics at the lowest level can be brilliantly funny and talented, but don't get any recognition. In a small town in North Texas where exposure just doesn't exist, these fledgling comics try to make people laugh.
  • Shotgun of Faith (Director: Brittney Shepherd) - A portrait of an ailing Texas cowboy pastor, Barry Chinn. As the number of literal cowboys in Texas dwindles, can he grow a church based on a way of life that hardly exists anymore?
  • Fog City (Director: Liam Brady) - A quiet member of an amateur hardball team confronts an invisible past while striving to maintain his focus on the tenuous present.

Body (9:30 pm)
A trio of college girls head home for the holidays to a friend’s supposed family home only to fall into trouble when they accidentally kill a groundskeeper and concoct an elaborate cover-up scheme. Directors: Dan Berk and Robert Olsen

June 13

Narrative Shorts One (1 pm)
The first shorts compilation will include the following short films:

  • Stop (Director: Reinaldo Marcus Greene) - A young man's livelihood is put to the test when he is stopped by the police on his way home.
  • Nugget (Director: Sarah Salovaara) - A food conscious shut-in has a pesky neighbor who needs a ride to the locksmith.
  • Skunk (Director: Annie Silverstein) - When her pit bull is stolen by an amateur dog fighter, 14-year old Leila is forced to stand up for herself, at the cost of her own innocence.
  • Little Moths (Director: Bart Van Bemmel) - A man's reality becomes blurred as he struggles to convince himself that his dead daughter's favorite bedtime story is in fact real.
  • Think Ink (Director: Wally Chung) - A young coffee stain dreams of becoming a professional inkblot for psychological testing.
  • Ohio (Director: Andy DeYoung) - A young woman visits the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles alone where she tries to make friends with complete strangers.
  • Raise a Good Man (Director: Dylan Pasture) - Two people in an unfamiliar city at night look for a place to sleep.
  • Sugarless Tea (Director: Sai Selvarajan) - Fifty four years of separation tethered together by a red string of fate and 10 years of humble restraint.

Christmas, Again (3:30 pm)
A disenchanted New York City Christmas tree vendor saves a mysterious women passed out on a park bench. His unexpected connection with her and others give him hope to pull him back from the brink of despair. Director: Charles Poekel

God Bless the Child (5:30 pm)
Real-life siblings portray children left to their own devises by their depressed, widowed mother. Unsupervised, the children test the boundaries while the oldest child assumes the role of caretaker as she fears their mother won’t return. Directors: Robert Machoian and Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck

Beaver Trilogy Part IV (7:45 pm)
The meta-documentary about a 1980s trilogy of no-budget short films, later dubbed the “Beaver Trilogy.” The film reveals a common thread between Crispin Glover, Sean Penn and Olivia Newton John. Director: Brad Besser (There will also be a special pre-OCFF screening of the original Beaver Trilogy to screen at the Texas Theatre on June 6.)

Uncle Kent 2 (9:45 pm)
Picking up with Uncle Kent left off, the comedy pushes the boundaries of absurdity when a typist adopts a man-eating tortoise that he must keep from eating his nephew. Directors: Todd Rohal and Joe Swanberg

June 14

Stinking Heaven (12:30 pm)
The fragile peace of a commune for former addicts is challenged when an ex-girlfriend arrives, personalities clash, and tension escalates. Director: Nathan Silver

Narrative Shorts Two (3 pm)
The first shorts compilation will include the following short films (explicit content):

  • Son (Director: Judd Myers) - A sheltered kid cons his way into a sick day. Left alone for the first time, he stumbles upon a sinister family secret.
  • Muck (Director: Bruce Smolanoff) - Mel, a young female open mic comedian who lives with her tabloid-obsessed mother in Queens, misguidedly seeks companionship with a misogynistic male comedian.
  • Greenland (Director: Oren Gerner) - Part documentary and part fiction, Greenland finds its main character, Oren, also in a place that is in between.
  • Woman of the World (Director: Allison Cook) - On a visit to Los Angeles, Rachel has an encounter with a celebrity that reminds her she is right where she belongs.
  • Bad at Dancing (Director: Joanna Arrow) - A perpetual third wheel and awkward outsider, Joanna increasingly inserts herself into the relationship of her more charismatic roommate Isabel. The two women test each other’s sexual and emotional boundaries in this surreal dark comedy.
  • Blissful Banquet (Director: Harrison Atkins) - Ronnie and Darnell have an intimate friendship. But will a broken heart tear them apart?
  • The Samaritans (Director: John Bryant) - A salesman faces the most difficult and important negotiation of his life.

Edén (5:15 pm)
Inspired by the writer/director’s own childhood, Alma returns home to Mexico after her father’s death to confront the man responsible for their forced emigration, and discovers secrets her father took to his grave are revealed. Director: Elise Durant

Funny Bunny (7:30 pm)
Gene fills his days canvassing on childhood obesity when he meets Titty, a 19-year-old who has an online relationship with a beautiful, reclusive animal activist, Ginger. The two men bond as they embark on a mission to mission meet her, and both being drawn to her, find that she needs rescue. Director: Allison Bagnal-Standefer



Bishop Arts Theatre Center
215 S. Tyler St.
Dallas, TX 75208


All events are subject to change due to weather or other concerns. Please check with the venue or organization to ensure an event is taking place as scheduled.
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