2015 Oak Cliff Film Festival

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The 2015 Oak Cliff Film Festival will take place at multiple locations in Oak Cliff. The following are the screenings that will take place at El Sibil:

June 13

Cinema 16 Shorts (5:30 pm)
This shorts compilation will include the following short films (warning: contains strobing imagery):

  • Blue Movie (Director: Mike Morris) - A poetic ode to Dallas' first-lady, Candy Barr, star of the infamous stag film Smart Alec.
  • The Dollhouse (Director: Chad Galloway and Heather Benning) - A documentary about the decommissioning of Heather Benning's artwork, "The Dollhouse."
  • Paintings 2009-11 (Director: Nick Zedd) - A film documenting Nick Zedd’s entities painted in oil, exhibited at the Microscope Gallery, NYC.
  • Signals: Where Do We Go From Here (Director: Shayna Connelly Dire) - Our daily rituals are haunted by absence and signals: where do we go from here? The film imagines our private ghosts interrupting those routines. Do we hear their signals or are we too absorbed in the monotony of motion to notice?
  • Pattern for Survival (Director: Kelly Sears) - As you read the rest of this manual, keep in mind the need for a survival pattern.
  • Collinsville Trade Day, 1988 (Director: Charles Keener and Jason LaRay Keener) - In 1988, Charles Keener took a video camera to Collinsville, Alabama to document the town's outdoor market for his young grandson. 26 years later, this newly discovered footage has been edited by the grandson into a short documentary.
  • Prospector (Director: Talena Sanders) - ​19th century acculturation of two groups living thousands of miles apart, but sharing the same name, depending on who you talk to and what language you say it in. Parallel histories of invasion, assimilation, aspirations, valuation, and re-evaluation. Prospectors, colonists, and tourists searching future sites of luxury resources and romance.
  • Ham Over Rice (Director: Ying Liu) - Rapidly moving through a series of associative images, visual puns and plays on words, Ham Over Rice combines live action, animation, pictorial text, narration and sound to play off of the Chinese myth of the god Houyi, an archer who saves the world but loses his immortality.
  • Las observaciones realizadas con un camara oculta a lo largo del malecón de La Habana, Cuba (Director: Travis Barnes) - Observations made with a hidden camera along the Malecon in Havana, Cuba.
  • Relay (Director: Steve Cossman) - A moving image document of the visual environment created by artist Ei Wada (Sony Music, Japan).

The Sinema of Nick Zedd (9:30 pm)
A rare retrospective and live appearance from No-Wave film pioneer Nick Zedd, whose “Cinema of Transgression Manifesto” paved the way for many underground filmmakers in the early 1980s. Jim Jarmusch said, "Nick Zedd's films are legendary - he is a truly seminal figure in the New York underground.”



El Sibil
122 E. 5th St.
Dallas, TX 75203


All events are subject to change due to weather or other concerns. Please check with the venue or organization to ensure an event is taking place as scheduled.
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