2013 Dallas International Film Festival: The Brass Teapot

Photo courtesy of Dallas International Film Festival

The Brass Teapot is a parable of the American dream with a darkly funny twist. Alice (Juno Temple) and John (Michael Angarano) are a young couple full of love but short on cash who struggle to make ends meet. At the height of their financial troubles, they get into a fender-bender outside a roadside thrift-shop, and Alice feels compelled by an unseen force to duck inside and steal a brass teapot. The down-on-their luck lovebirds soon discover this is no ordinary teapot but rather a magic relic that spits out heaps of cash whenever they feel physical pain. In their quest to live the lavish lifestyle they’ve always wanted, the couple eagerly sacrifices their bodies, until the teapot’s funds start to dwindle, and it becomes clear John and Alice must raise the stakes.



The Magnolia Theatre
3699 McKinney Ave.
Dallas, TX 75204


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