Kirk Hopper Fine Art presents Emmi Whitehorse and Don Redman: "Earth & Sky" opening reception

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Earth & Sky
Photo courtesy of Kirk Hopper Fine Art

Kirk Hopper Fine Art will presnet "Earth & Sky," an installation of major new works by Emmi Whitehorse and Don Redman that aims to lift us out of our dulling complacencies. The decision to enter unfamiliar territory means accepting the possibility of losing our way. What happens when we step outside our usual environment only to find that we cannot go back, or that once we return nothing seems the same? Co-curated by Susie Kalil and Laura Fain, "Earth & Sky" asks us to trust, to let go, and give ourselves over to the radiant energy.

"Earth & Sky" illuminates how a place can stake its claim on an artist’s psyche and soul. It’s no coincidence that the installation harkens to a bygone era when artists regarded themselves more as priests or shamans than as professionals. The works at KHFA catch something in the air, addressing environmental fragilities and narrative entanglements that stretch across time and multiple realities. The works invade our space, provoke bodily reactions and invite a range of associations. Earth & Sky snares our eyes, hits us in the gut, and transforms us. It builds a sense of relationship: to one’s soul, one person to another, to many people, to creation of the whole.

Scientists argue that we are in a new geologic phase, the Anthropocene epoch, a time when humans now change the Earth more than all the planet’s natural processes combined. As Emmi Whitehorse sees it, in keeping with the Navajo creation story, we are presently in the fifth world, the Glittering World, a time of glittering technology and influences from outside the sacred land entrusted to them by the Holy People. Accordingly, she experiences this world as a mingling of the profoundly traditional with the alluringly new.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on view through March 21.

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