Kitchen Dog Theater presents New Works Festival: Staged Reading Series

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Kitchen Dog Theater presents New Works Festival
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For Kitchen Dog Theater's 24th Annual celebration of the best voices from Dallas-Fort Worth and beyond, they have made a killer "mix tape" of festivals past, complete with commissions, staged readings of the hottest new plays around.

Schedule of events

  • June 18: Al/Alfred/Alice by Blake Hackler (1 pm) - Al/Alfred/Alice riffs on the true story of Alice Miller, a young woman who murdered her lover Freda Ward in Memphis at the turn of the 20th century. The play explores gender, the limits of love, and the deep and enduring violence of patriarchy.
  • June 18: That Drive Thru Monterrey by Matthew Paul Olmos (4 pm) - Inspired by the life of the playwright’s mother. The story of a Mexican-American woman in 1971 Los Angeles as she experiences a first, nerdy love. Throughout the courtship, she experiences mysterious premonitions of what lies ahead in her life and how the ever’present machismo will ultimately bring her heartbreak as it gets passed down from fathers to sons, generation to generation.
  • June 22: What Do You Want from Me: Three Adaptations of Short Stories by Anton Chekhov by Jenny Ledel - What Do You Want From Me presents three of Anton Chekhov's most depressing yet hilarious short stories about people who do not know what they want. In Witch, a married man grows paranoid living in Siberian isolation. He grows convinced that his wife is a witch and cursing their sad lives. In Upheaval, a brooch of $2000 has gone missing and the Mistress of the house has thoroughly searched her servants’ bodies and their rooms. The Governess wants to quit and leave in protest. Can the Master get her to stay? And in Help, a Lyft Driver struggles with deep grief while working a shift, looking to the passengers for a sympathetic ear and finally getting one. This play is a meditation on humans failing to connect.
  • June 25: The Last Truck Stop by Crystal Jackson (1 pm) - A tenacious trucker-turned-truck-stop-owner and her poetic, gun-toting postal carrier debate staying or going when their desert town becomes a no-go zone.
  • June 25: M Theory: A Play in 11 Dimensions by Jami Brandli (4 pm) - The near future. Former biographer Pauline Grey has shut herself and her daughter Ava away in a remote cabin in Angeles National Forest for nearly a year. Pauline will not let Ava go until she has the answers she is desperately seeking. But when a solar flare storm hits, cutting the women off from communication with the outside world, and a downed pilot appears at the cabin asking for help, Pauline's reality is challenged in more ways than one.

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Trinity River Arts Center
2600 N. Stemmons Fwy.
Dallas, TX 75207

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$5 each; $20 for all five readings.