The New Mercury Museum presents "Rights & Responsibilities"

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The New Mercury Museum presents Rights & Responsibilities
Photo by Jeremy Lock

Mercury One’s "Rights & Responsibilities" is a curated pop-up museum featuring historically noteworthy items focused on the rights and responsibilities of American citizens. In light of national conversation surrounding the rights of free speech, life, religion, and self-defense, this event seeks to answer a number of fundamental questions:

  • We talk of defending these rights, but as citizens do we recognize what our responsibilities are?
  • As Americans, what responsibility do we shoulder when it comes to defending our rights?
  • Do we, as a nation, still agree on the core principles and values laid-out by our founding fathers?
  • How can we move forward amidst uncertainty surrounding the intent of our founding ideals?

Throughout the weekend, Glenn Beck, David Barton, Jeffy Fisher and Brad Staggs, Doc Thompson, and Stu Burguiere will lead private tours through the museum, each providing their own unique perspective on our rights and responsibilities. The exhibits will show what the world was like before men had rights and how Americans realized there was a better way to govern.

Artifacts on display will include a steel plate facsimile engraving from 1829 of a draft Declaration of Independence, a mourning dress worn by Mary Todd Lincoln, an Exploding Rat used in World War II, a Winkie Guard Staff and costume prototype of the flying monkey cape from The Wizard of Oz, and the Darth Vader mask and chest plate from the original Star Wars.
Tour dates and times are: Friday, June 15: 12:15-5:15 pm; Saturday, June 16: 10 am-9 pm; and Sunday, June 17: 11 am-4:45 pm. Each general admission interval is limited to 25 guests and private tour is limited to 40 guests, with tours lasting 1.5 hours.

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Mercury One Studios
6301 Riverside Dr.
Irving, TX 75039

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$10-$20 for general admission; $250-$750 for private tours.