Ochre House Theater presents Buñuel Descending

Photo by Rebecca Batres

Buñuel Descending is the story of Luis Buñuel (Antonio Arrebola), his wife Jeanne Buñuel (Delilah Arrebola), Salvador Dali (Christopher Sykes),and poet Federico Garcia Lorca (Ivan Jasso) forming their own artistic fraternity called The Order of Toledo. In Buñuel Descending, Luis Buñuel (founder of the Order) descends into debauchery where he unleashes his talent as a storyteller through the art of cinema. In a small tavern, in Madrid, Buñuel weaves the ancient story of Orpheus with the new eyes of the early 20th century, sparking the Surrealist movement.

Buñuel Descending is a story of the inspired passion of some of the finest free thinkers of the 20th century, filled with fervent dance, puppetry, acting, music and song.



The Ochre House Theater
825 Exposition Ave.
Dallas, TX 75226


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