Reindeer Manor Halloween Park

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Reindeer Manor Halloween Park in Red Oak
Photo courtesy of Reindeer Manor Halloween Park

Reindeer Manor Halloween Park leaves nothing to the imagination by creating a haunted attraction that is both frightening and entertaining. The oldest haunted attraction in Texas features four haunted attractions full of horrifying history.

  • Reindeer Manor Estate: Theta Omega Kappa is throwing a nefarious Halloween party at the Legendary Reindeer Manor Haunted House. With Halloween only hours away, the usual suspects of cheerleaders, jocks, mascots, geeks, punks, bad boys and happy-go-lucky students gather at the creepy manor in the woods, preoccupied with constructing the perfect costume for the evening. A booze-soaked party soon turns into a bloodbath, as a newly escaped psychotic serial killer prowls the sprawling manor. There’s a killer on the loose, wearing a cat mask and brandishing peculiar weapons as they find themselves being stalked and slashed by the mysterious maniac known as the Copy Cat Killer.
  • 13th Street Morgue: After a vicious murder-suicide in the farmhouse converted into a morgue, no one occupies the barn and it stands as it did so many years ago, the embalming facility still intact, only now the spirits of the dead haunt the halls as specters of a forgotten time.
  • Dungeon of Doom: A game filled with fantasy, nightmarish ghouls, vivid imagery and heart pumping sound. Elliot plays for several hours and upon the 13th hour finally defeats the game. Fanfare rings and celebration is rampant with excitement until suddenly, a crack of sound explodes from the machine dragging Elliot through a vortex directly into the game. Now trapped and transformed into a terrifying new character, he awaits the arrival of a new player to defeat.
  • The Bunker: B.E.S.E.R.K. Industries, is an elite military unit comprised of special operatives known as “The Touch of Death.” B.E.S.E.R.K. Industries discovered a revolutionary break through in the once abandoned intercontinental ballistic missile program. This discovery lead to an advancement of interstellar connectivity of unidentified aircraft and alien technology. In 2020, The military unit was contracted to fight a powerful, enhanced humanoid force affected by a leaked human skirmish drug called ‘Project RM47.” RM47 mutated scientists into flesh-eating creatures after a failed laboratory experiment. The Bunker follows the survivors of the biochemical outbreak as they battle mutant-like creatures that seek to control the New World.

The event also include dances, stage shows, axe throwing, and more.

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Reindeer Manor Halloween Park
410 Houston School Rd.
Red Oak, TX 75154


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