Texas Triffid Ranch 3rd Anniversary Open House

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Texas Triffid Ranch Third Anniversary Open House
Dimension Mask Carnivorous Plant Enclosure Photo courtesy of Texas Triffid Ranch

Three years after its opening at the Galleries at Midtown in Valley View Center and 18 months after moving to its current location in Richardson, the Texas Triffid Ranch opens its notorious assemblage of carnivorous plant enclosures to the public for an open house.

In conjunction with Tawanda! Jewelry, the open house gives the opportunity to view dozens of species of carnivorous plant, including pitcher plants (North American [Sarracenia], South American [Heliamphora], Asian [Nepenthes], and Australian [Cephalotus]), Venus flytraps (Dionea), sundews (Drosera), butterworts (Pinguicula), and bladderworts (Utricularia), as well as carnivorous and protocarnivorous plants rarely seen on display in the United States, such as Australian triggerplants (Stylidium), South American carnivorous bromeliads (Brocchinia), and the South African vlie bos or flycatcher bush (Roridula).

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Texas Triffid Ranch
405 Business Pkwy.
Richardson, TX 75081


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