The Whyte Window / Black Mirror / Black Burka Art Show

Photo courtesy of Beefhaus Collective

The long-awaited Whyte Window / Black Mirror / Black Burka Art Show culminates four years of the public’s media interaction with the illusive artists Whyte Window, Black Mirror and Black Burka in an artistic immersion of visual, digital and performance media. The show addresses the interface of technology and artistic identity with work reflecting on how artists interact with the public and how the public interacts with art.

These artists use and abuse video blogs, experimental video, live performances, Google Translate, digital collage, poetry, Tumblr, language, volunteers, a massive amount of dating websites, numerous blogs, opera, photography and every aspect of Facebook. Their work trolls the internet in numerous ways, utilizing search engine optimization, hacked video view counts and comments, even going so far as to have its own underground radio program.

Outsiders looking into the Whyte Window/Black Mirror/Black Burka project struggle to discern realities such as who is who, what is true and who said what. “I don’t know who these people are, but I am glad to have known their work,” remarked artist Joachim West in a Facebook thread from 2014. Despite the mass following, Whyte Window, Black Mirror and Black Burka have remained a mystery to the vast majority of people who encounter their work.



Beefhaus Collective
833 Exposition St.
Dallas, TX 75226


Admission is free.
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