Wave Goodbye to Walmart

Walmart store pulls out of hipster Dallas neighborhood

Walmart store pulls out of hipster Dallas neighborhood

Walmart, sign, logo, December 2012
Walmart will close the neighborhood store on Greenville Avenue. Photo courtesy of Walmart

UPDATE: Walmart has released a list of North Texas store closures, which have been added to this story.


Walmart has pulled the plug on its neighborhood store on Greenville Avenue, which will close on January 28.

The Greenville Avenue location was the former site for Whole Foods Market and was never a comfortable fit for Walmart. But the closure is part of a bigger move by the corporation, which is shutting down 269 stores including 154 in the United States. Of those, 29 will be in Texas.

An employee at the Greenville Avenue store confirmed that the staff had been told first thing in the morning on January 15.

"Our last day is January 28, and then we're not sure what we're doing," she said.

The Walmart in Uptown is not closing, according to a staffer at that store. "We're bigger than Greenville Avenue, which is a much smaller store," he said. "They've never been that busy, but we're busy all the time."

The Greenville Avenue store will observe limited hours, closing at 9 pm this week and 7 pm next week. Merchandise will be discounted so that it doesn't have to be moved to another store.

Overall, 29 Texas locations will close, the majority of them are smaller stores located in rural markets. In North Texas, the Frisco Neighborhood Market store at 4268 Legacy Dr. will close, as will the Southlake location at 2201 W. Southlake Blvd. Both were relatively new stores, having opened within the last five years.