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Armed man robs Waffle House in the middle of Dallas at lunch

Armed man robs Waffle House in the middle of Dallas at lunch

Waffle House breakfast
The real prize at Waffle House is their breakfast. Photo courtesy of Waffle House

The Waffle House located in the most central part of Dallas was the scene of a robbery at gunpoint during lunch on January 25.

The robbery took place at the restaurant shortly before 12 noon, IE during broad daylight in the middle of the day on a Saturday.

The Dallas Police Department classified it as a Business Robbery, and identified the suspect as a black male who was carrying a gun. Following the robbery, he fled in what may have been a silver Pontiac Aztec SUV.

No injuries were reported, and an employee at the Waffle House on I-30 confirmed that no one had been hurt.

The police response was captured on Facebook by local news organization Smash Da Topic Breaking News.

The restaurant returned to business quickly, resuming service of waffles and trademark hash browns done eight ways, including "smothered," "covered," "chunked," and "diced."

Given Waffle House's low prices, with an average check well below $10, you wouldn't think there'd be all that much money in the till.

Waffle House, based in Atlanta, opened the location at 5111 Ross Ave., one block south of Henderson, in February 2016.