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Police seek man caught on camera abandoning dog on remote Dallas road

Police seek man caught on camera abandoning dog on remote Dallas road

abandoned dog suspect
Bet he didn't know he'd be caught on camera. Photo courtesy of DPD

The Dallas Police Department's Animal Cruelty Unit is trying to locate a man caught on a surveillance camera abandoning a dog in a remote, wooded area in southwest Dallas, near Mountain Creek Lake.

The man was caught on camera dumping a crate with what the police describe as a German Shepherd type dog locked inside.

In Texas, it is a crime to abandon a pet.

According to a police report, the incident happened on December 19, 2020, at approximately 8 pm, in the 1700 block of South Merrifield Rd.

In a series of still photos, the suspect can be seen behind a white pickup truck, and appears to be kicking the crate that holds the dog to the ground.

The suspect's head is shaved on the side and he has a beard and mustache. He's wearing a T-shirt with some kind of reflective white lettering on the front.

That street is located south of I-30 and west of Loop 12, in an unpopulated area that's halfway between Dallas Baptist University to the south and the Dallas National Golf Club in the northeast.

It's pretty sweet that there was a surveillance camera. A Google Maps search shows that the area is a possible dumping ground.

CBS inquired about the status of the dog but did not get a response. UPDATE 1-27-2020: The whereabouts of the dog are unknown.

DPD Animal Cruelty Unit is requesting anyone who knows the suspect that abandoned the dog to please contact DPD Crime Stoppers 1(877)373-TIPS or Detective Orlandus Bronner, #10298, Animal Cruelty Unit at 214-671-0111. DPD Case #011766-2021.