Midlife Crisis Capital

Totally scientific study crowns Dallas men kings of the midlife crisis

Totally scientific study crowns Dallas men kings of the midlife crisis

Looking to trade in your minivan (or wife, or receding hairline)? Photo by Kevin McCauley

Men of Dallas-Fort Worth, we've seen your Internet search history, and we're concerned. Estately has seen it too, and based on that info, the real estate website has determined that more men in DFW are in the throes of a stereotypical midlife crisis than any other large metropolitan area in the nation.

"Whether it's ditching a spouse to chase younger women, trading in the minivan for a convertible or motorcycle, or spending the kids' college fund on some new hair plugs, a midlife crisis can cause men to do some strange things," Estately says. 

The site used data from other websites — Google Trends, Yellow Pages, Craigslist, Cars.com, and Facebook — to analyze and rank 25 metro areas based on stereotypical midlife crisis criteria.

And guess what? DFW ranks first for the ratio of divorce lawyers to marriage counselors, third in men seeking younger women, and fourth in hair loss research. We're not as concerned with vehicles, as we rank No. 9 for motorcycle purchases and No. 22 for new convertible car sales.

But average it all out, and DFW is No. 1. This, combined with the fact that men here Google "low testosterone" more than anywhere else, and Estately awards us the title of "Midlife Crisis Capital of the United States."

"When it comes to masking hair loss and seeking the company of younger women, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has plenty of company in the Dallas-Fort Worth area," quips Estately.