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New study proclaims Dallas is one of America's best-run cities

New study proclaims Dallas is one of America's best-run cities

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According to a new study, Dallas is the No. 4 best-run city in the United States. Courtesy photo

Opinions on how well the city of Dallas is run by its government may vary depending on your political leanings, but according to a new study done by WalletHub, Dallas ranks as one of the best-run cities in the entire United States.

On a list that included 65 of the most populated U.S. cities, Dallas comes in at No. 4. In fact, Texas appears to be one of the best-run states in the country, as it claims 10 of the top 24, including Lubbock (No. 1), Garland (No. 8), Houston (No. 9), Austin (tied for No. 15), Fort Worth (No. 20) and Arlington (No. 24).

As WalletHub readily acknowledges, the rankings can be taken with a grain of salt. For one, the rankings were determined solely by the return on investment (ROI) cities received in three key categories: education, police, and parks and recreation.

Dallas ranked in the mid-20s in the first two categories, but a No. 7 ranking in parks and recreation greatly boosted its overall status. Houston ranked No. 1 in parks and recreation, but a low ROI in police dropped it down overall.

In a perfect world, WalletHub also would have included how well cities spent money on public transportation and health, but its researchers were not able to find sufficient comparative data to do so.