Dallas vs. Fort Worth

Is Dallas better than Fort Worth? This attempts to declare a winner.

Is Dallas better than Fort Worth? This attempts to declare a winner.

Lawnstarter crowns Dallas the champ. Courtesy photo

We didn't realize that a lawn care website could be so ballsy. Recently Lawnstarter compared Dallas and Fort Worth by stacking up 21 stats about both. Pulling in data — and other sites' lists — about everything from home values to job growth to safety, the cities were pitted against each other in a cute little infographic.

So which city comes out on top? Ultimately, Dallas does. It "wins" in 12 of the categories, including education and number of Fortune 500 headquarters. It also picks up trophies for cycling, transit, parks, and median travel time to work — though only beating Fort Worth there by a median seven seconds.

Dallas also claims to be the better Southern city for retirees, but we all know that doesn't necessarily mean that seniors are living here. And some of the categories are a little loose ("most awesome" cities?). Lawnstarter lists sources, but it's hard to know which info came from where.

If the factors were weighted, the competition may have gone another way, because Fort Worth snags some pretty important wins — median household income, population growth, and, ahem, "best cities to live in" — yet comes in second place overall.

So has the debate been settled? Hardly. We would just like to state that we love both equally.