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It's masks off on buses, planes, and trains around Dallas-Fort Worth

It's masks off on buses, planes, and trains around Dallas-Fort Worth

Pandemic dating with masks
This scenario will soon be a distant memory. Photo by archigram/Getty

The masks are off on most mass transit, per an announcement on April 18 by the Transportation Security Administration that it will no longer enforce the mask mandate.

The TSA's announcement followed a decision by a federal judge in Florida, who struck down a national mask mandate on airplanes and mass transit. The judge decreed that a transportation mask mandate was "unlawful" and violated the Administrative Procedure Act — freeing airlines, airports, and public transportation agencies to make their own policies. 

According to the Associated Press, "airports in Houston and Dallas almost immediately did away with their mandates after the TSA announcement."

Just last week, the TSA extended the face mask requirement for all transportation networks throughout the U.S., including airports, commercial airplanes, buses, and rail systems, for an additional 15 days through May 3. That's history now.

American Airlines sent out a statement that, "in accordance with the Transportation Security Administration no longer enforcing the federal face mask mandate, face masks will no longer be required for our customers and team members at U.S. airports and on domestic flights."

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) dropped the mask requirement; as of April 19, DART "will no longer require that a face mask be worn by passengers and operators while onboard DART vehicles or at DART facilities."

As did Trinity Metro in Fort Worth, who issued a statement that, "in response to the federal judge's ruling and to align with the Transportation Security Administration’s decision to not enforce the mask mandate on planes and other public transportation, Trinity Metro will no longer require masks on any of our vehicles or in our facilities. Passengers, operators and conductors may continue wearing masks if they prefer to do so."

The Centers for Disease Control continues to recommend masking on transportation.