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Major temporary road closures in the works for Dallas freeway project

Major temporary road closures in the works for Dallas freeway project

I-35E freeway
It'll be especially problematic if you drive at night. Photo courtesy of YouTube

There are more Dallas road closures coming, this time big ones, happening on I-35, big enough to merit an entire story dedicated to them.

It involves a full shut down of I-35, both northbound and south, as part of the Southern Gateway Project, the $666 million construction project by the Texas Department of Transportation that will rebuild and widen I-35E south of downtown Dallas, as well as widen US 67 between I-35E and I-20 and the I-35E/US 67 split.

Usually you might see one lane close, maybe two. You might see one direction of the freeway close, but not the other. But this is total shutdown.

The closures will take place at night and will close all lanes of northbound and southbound I-35E at Beckley Avenue, planned for the following dates and times:

  • 9 pm Monday, April 29 through 5 am Tuesday, April 30
  • 9 pm Tuesday, April 30 through 5 am Wednesday, May 1
  • 9 pm Wednesday, May 1 through 5 am Thursday, May 2
  • 9 pm Thursday, May 2 through 5 am Friday, May 3
  • 9 pm Friday, May 3 through 8 am Saturday, May 4
  • 9 pm Saturday, May 4 through 8 am Sunday, May 5

During these closures the northbound Beckley Avenue/Zang Boulevard exit ramp will be closed.

The following detours will be in place:

Southbound I-35E traffic will take the Beckley Avenue/12th Street exit, continue on the southbound frontage road, and take the temporary entrance ramp south of Beckley Avenue.

Northbound I-35E traffic will take the temporary exit ramp at Beckley Avenue and continue on the northbound frontage road to the entrance ramp from 12th Street.

All closures are subject to change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

The public can stay up-to-date on construction progress, lane closures and traffic changes by signing up for text alerts and sending the message “The Southern Gateway” to 31996.

Other methods to learn more about the project include the project's Facebook page and twitter account.

The goal of the 11-mile project is to improve safety, provide congestion relief, address roadway deficiencies, and improve system linkage. Construction began in early 2018 with an anticipated completion of late 2021. The construction includes building two reversible, non-tolled express lanes.