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Dallas stretches into 10 best cities for yoga studios

Dallas stretches into 10 best cities for yoga studios

Bikram Yoga Dallas
Dallas-Fort Worth is a good place to work on your poses. Photo courtesy of Bikram Yoga Dallas

If it seems like yoga studios are everywhere in Dallas-Fort Worth, there's a good reason. According to Austin-based startup SpareFoot, DFW is one of the top 10 best places in which to open a yoga studio.

SpareFoot and Thumbtack, an online service that connects people to skilled professionals, teamed up to find out which metro areas have the highest demand for yoga, controlling for supply.

After making the initial cut, cities were scored on price per session, price per square foot of retail property and the corresponding monthly rent, and the city's general cost of living.

All calculations told, Dallas-Fort Worth — which also happens to be the largest metro on the list — earned the No. 10 spot. Cons are the high cost of retail space and a more saturated market, but the pros are the relatively affordable classes and the fact that the area is continuing to grow at record pace.

Ohio and Florida make a strong showing with two metros each, but it's Detroit, Michigan, that SpareFoot thinks is the best place for yogis to set up shop. "Pioneering young creatives" are working hard to revitalize the fallen city, and its current low cost of living means more bang for your buck.