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Dallas nearly tops list of America's most sex-crazed cities

Dallas nearly tops list of America's most sex-crazed cities

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Dallas is the No. 2 sex-happy city in the nation according to Men's Health. iStock

Dallasites have been recognized for one of their favorite pastimes, and it ain't shopping: Men's Health recently determined America's most sex-happy cities, and Dallas ranks No. 2.

Rather than surveying couples or bugging singles' bedrooms, the magazine used hard facts to figure out which cities are having the most sex. Condom sales, sex toy sales, birth rates and reports on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) were among the factors.

Here's how the Dallas numbers break down: fifth for condom sales, sixth for birth rates and 25th for STDs.

Fellow Texans join us in our sex-crazed ways. Austin takes top honors on Men's Health's list, and our friends in the state capital also rank No. 1 in condom sales — way to practice safe, y'all. Arlington comes in at No. 7, and Houston falls at No. 10.

Rounding out the top five are Columbus, Ohio; Durham, North Carolina; and Denver, Colorado.