Twitter War

Fort Worth City Council member rains down on Weather Channel in epic tweet storm

Fort Worth City Council member rains down tweets on Weather Channel

Fort Worth City Council member Joel Burns didn't plan on starting a Twitter war with a cable network on May 12; it just happened. Burns fired off a tweet to the Weather Channel at 7:05 Monday morning, threatening to delete the app if it didn't stop using pictures of Dallas landmarks on Fort Worth forecasts.

Perhaps it was Burns' use of ALL CAPS in his early morning missive that rankled the Weather Channel, but there's still no excuse for the company's snarky response. Burns, an openly gay council member who is best known for his 2010 "It Gets Better" speech, didn't take kindly to the Weather Channel making light of his anti-bullying efforts.

An epic Twitter war unfolded:

Joel Burns of the Fort Worth City Council
Joel Burns got into an epic Twitter fight with the Weather Channel on May 12. Photo via City Age TV