Plano FTW

This Dallas suburb is America's most affordable place to live

This Dallas suburb is America's most affordable place to live

Oak Point Park in Plano
Plano residents get to enjoy nature (like Oak Point Park) with their affordable living. Plano Parks and Recreation/Facebook

Pack your bags, y'all, we're moving north. According to a new survey from NerdWallet, Plano is the most affordable city in the United States.

The financial website "investigated price variations to assess where a dollar stretches the furthest" in 100 U.S. cities. NerdWallet created indexes for income, cost of living, grocery, housing, utilities, transportation, healthcare, and goods and services. 

In Plano, the median income of $81,800 (57 percent above average) is met with a below-average cost of living. Residents of Plano enjoy average costs for groceries, utilities and transportation, but the housing cost is below average.

Fort Worth is the No. 39 most affordable place in the U.S., with Denton close behind at No. 40. Both have median incomes slightly below the average of $52,176, but they are complemented by below-average costs for groceries, housing and transportation, according to NerdWallet.

Dallas doesn't even make it into the top 100.

This isn't Plano's first time in the spotlight. Earlier this year named Plano the second best city for families to live. The Dallas suburb boasts excellent schools, lots of parks and recreation facilities, and "a highly diverse population [that] helps children grow up with exposure to other cultures and walks of life," says Livability.

Other affordable Texas cities are Round Rock (No. 3), Midland (No. 5), Weatherford (No. 16), Austin (No. 17), Temple (No. 20), Odessa (No. 21) and San Antonio (No. 49).