Hometown Shame

Dallas ranks sickeningly low on fittest U.S. cities list

Dallas ranks sickeningly low on fittest U.S. cities list

fat couple trying to exercise with balls
The American Fitness Index measures various areas of well-being in our nation.  TheWellnessGuys.com

The American Fitness Index released its 2013 report recently, and Dallas is not exactly sitting pretty. The Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area ranks No. 44 out of 50 major U.S. cities. 

Earning a sad score of 37.4 (out of 100), our slice of heaven has high rates of obesity, heart disease and diabetes coupled with low rates of dog parks, playgrounds and swimming pools. Talk about a downer heading into summer.

And that's just a sampling of DFW's 19 areas of improvement. Dallas did earn high marks in two categories: percentage of city lands for parklands and a requirement for physical education in public schools.  

Houston was rated just slightly pudgier, coming in at No. 43 for its low percentages of healthy eaters or those biking, walking or using public transit to get to work. With a score of 38.3, Houston also suffers from a  high percentage of smoking, obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

For the third consecutive year, Minneapolis ranked No. 1 on the American Fitness Index. Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos ranked No. 11 overall, with a score of 63.6 on the AFI scale. San Antonio landed at No. 48, with a score of 35.1.