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City of Dallas comes to grips with aftermath of damaging storm

City of Dallas comes to grips with aftermath of damaging storm

Elan City Lights crane
Elan City Lights building with collapsed crane. Photo courtesy of Melissa Santana

The city of Dallas' Office of Emergency Management (OEM) has activated a plan following a severe thunderstorm that hit Dallas-Fort Worth on June 9, which resulted in the death of one woman, multiple injuries, and power outages across many parts of the area.

Kiersten Symone Smith, 29, was killed and at least four others were injured when a crane fell into the Elan City Lights apartment complex at 2627 Live Oak St.

The crane, which was being used on a construction site in the next block, fell into the apartment building and parking garage, crushing a number of units and sending cars cascading down in a pile of rubble.

Most streets in the area are closed. The OEM has set up an assistance center for residents at the Latino Cultural Center, at 2600 Live Oak St., across the street.

In the coming days, Dallas Fire-Rescue will work with OSHA to determine how to remove the crane from the building.

Power outage
Nearly 330,000 customers were without power. Trees were downed and windows were blown out of buildings, including Fountain Place in downtown Dallas and Fretz Park Library in North Dallas, which is closed. Currently, Lakewood, Oak Lawn, Preston-Royal, Skillman-Southwestern, Skyline, and White Rock Hills Branch Libraries are without power.

Oncor has advised residents to be prepared for a "multi-day outage event." The winds caused damage on scale of a tropical storm or higher and have damaged large areas of power lines and equipment. In the most heavily damaged areas, many electric facilities will have to be entirely reconstructed.

Oncor's forecasts on power being restored are as follows:

  • 75204: Tuesday 3 am
  • 75223: Tuesday 4 am
  • 75206: Tuesday 5 am
  • 75228: Tuesday 5:30 am
  • 75214: Wednesday 11:30 pm
  • 75218: Thursday midnight

Some electric companies from other parts of the state, such as CenterPoint Energy in south Texas, are sending reinforcements.

Traffic signals
According to the OEM, 41 percent of traffic signals across the city have been affected; 496 signals have no communication, were damaged, or otherwise inoperable, and are the highest priority for repair.

168 signals are flashing red; these signals will need to be reset, but are still active. Motorists are asked to treat flashing signals as all-way stops.

Trash and debris pickup
Sanitation Services are working to pick up brush and storm debris. Storm debris must be separated from regular trash and non-storm related bulk trash. Code Compliance will not issue citations for brush and storm debris placed for pickup.

Extra crews are being brought in to assist in the collection, and staging areas are being activated to reduce the delay in crews picking up debris and returning to affected areas.

Residents can call 311 or use the OurDallas app to report storm debris and downed limbs in roadways.

Bulk and brush will continue for June, but residents are asked to help with storm debris collection by limiting bulk set-outs in June, if possible.

July bulk collection will be limited to brush and storm debris. Regular bulk pickup will resume August 1.

Sanitation transfer stations are open for residents to drop off any brush and storm debris. Find locations at

Downed lines
The OEM department warns not to approach a downed power line. If a downed line is sparking or blocking access to a property, call 911.

Call Oncor at 888-313-4747 to report downed lines that are not sparking or for questions about power restoration.