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Free electric golf carts ensure that Dallasites never need walk again

Free electric golf carts ensure that Dallasites never need walk again

Free Ride
Dallasites will never have to walk again. Photo courtesy of Free Ride

As if bike-sharing and electric scooters aren't enough, Dallas gets yet another transportation option with The Free Ride, a free shuttle service that uses electric golf carts, similar to the efrogs service that currently (barely) exists in Dallas.

The Free Ride is chasing the same "last mile" that bike-share and scooter rental companies are seeking to fill — where you get off a bus or train but still have another mile before you reach your destination.

Walking is ugh the worst possible thing a person should ever have to do.

The Free Ride was founded in The Hamptons in 2011, then expanded to Long Island, New Jersey, Florida, L.A., San Diego, and Long Beach. They currently have more than 100 shuttles across four states and 16 cities nationally.

In Texas, they've partnered with Ryde, a similar company based in Texas and have shuttles in Houston and Austin.

In Dallas, they have a total of six shuttles that provide rides from 12 noon to midnight daily.

But unlike some of their other cities that use an app to make a reservation, Dallas is a "wave down" model, which requires that you spot a random car and wave the driver over.

It sounds a bit unpredictable and unreliable, but efrogs is not much better. With tiny fleets and limited resources, it's hard to say who these companies service. On the other hand, the more transportation options the better, and isn't this fun.

The Free Ride's listed destinations include American Airlines Center, Trinity Groves, Uptown, Lower Greenville Avenue, and Knox-Henderson.

The service is free because they find an advertising sponsor. In Dallas, it's Vita Coco coconut water, which also hands out free samples.