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First Baptist Dallas Church had COVID-19 positives during VP visit

First Baptist Dallas Church had COVID-19 positives during VP visit

First Baptist Dallas church
The event was billed as half religious gathering, half political rally. Facebook

A Dallas church that Vice President Mike Pence visited on June 28 has had half a dozen members who've tested positive for the coronavirus.

According to Buzzfeed News, at least five members of the choir and orchestra at First Baptist Dallas church contracted COVID-19 in the weeks prior to Pence's visit.

An additional member of the orchestra had symptoms and was awaiting test results.

None of the people with positive cases were at the services, but they maybe-definitely had exposure before his visit.

One orchestra member who tested positive played the trumpet. Buzzfeed notes that wind instruments and choirs are higher risk because of the droplets they spread.

Photos of the event showed the choir and orchestra performing without masks.

Called "Freedom Sunday," the service was billed as part religious gathering, part political rally. Gov. Greg Abbott attended, as did Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson.

On June 3, Abbott allowed religious services to resume with no limits on occupancy.

Buzzfeed has a timeline as follows:

  • June 10: a percussionist started experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.
  • June 14: the choir and orchestra performed at two Sunday services. Within a week, three more musicians tested positive.
  • June 18: a soprano in the choir tested positive.
  • June 19: another soprano in the choir and a bassist in the orchestra tested positive.