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New online dating service lets women take the lead

New online dating service lets women take the lead

Couple on a date promises women "harassment-free online dating experience."

What did we do before the Internet? Reading paperback books, meeting people face to face — talk about the Stone Age. There is no shortage of online dating services, but a new company is looking to make a name for itself by letting women take the lead. promises a "harassment-free online dating experience" that allows women to choose whom they interact with on the site. Additionally, female users have free access to the database, while male suitors must pay a fee. 

Southern gentlemen may bristle at the idea of women taking the lead. But statistics from the unconventional dating site reveal that Texans comprise about 10 percent of's users, and 55 percent are female.

According to dating service spokesperson Samantha Desmond, Dallas surpasses all other cities in the Lone Star State for online dating use. "Dallas is becoming an increasingly popular place for singles to connect in an online capacity," she says.