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Dallas-Fort Worth Airport ixnays curbside idling at terminals

Dallas-Fort Worth Airport ixnays curbside idling at terminals

DFW Airport
No more idling. Photo courtesy of Ibarra Engineers

Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport is changing the rules at curbside areas at all five terminals.

According to the new order, which goes into effect July 18, curbside action at DFW Airport will be for "active loading and unloading" only.

Previously, customers could idle in attended vehicles along the curbside while waiting for arriving passengers. No more idling. Move along now.

Airport CEO Sean Donohue says in a release that the new rules are part of a program designed to improve traffic flow.

"There are more vehicles than ever at the airport, and we want to keep traffic moving, while providing safer access to our terminals," Donohue says. "These necessary changes will improve the overall customer experience as it relates to traffic flow, efficiencies, and ease of navigation."

That may well be all and good, but Sean, it means no more driving up and waiting for your honey right at the door.

The release compares February 2015 to 2018 and finds that vehicle traffic for the month increased by more than 245,000 visits.

It states that, at peak times, congestion along the curbs impedes the flow of traffic. It also points out that the changes will reduce the number of vehicles on the upper level.

But the best part is that it name-checks Love Field, stating that the new rules "will bring DFW in line with other large airports which have not allowed curbside parking since 2001, including Dallas Love Field."

Guys, Love Field does it, so why can't we?

To ease the pain, DFW has added nearly 1,200 one-hour parking spaces and will encourage customers to use the terminal parking garages at no extra cost when picking up or dropping off passengers.

Full enforcement of this new rule will begin September 8.

Signs indicating the new policy will be posted curbside in July, designating the areas for active loading and unloading only. DFW Department of Public Safety and Parking teams will inform customers of the change throughout July and August, directing parked or standing vehicles to nearby terminal garages with 1-hour and 2-hour parking zones.

In 2019, after active loading and unloading zones are implemented, the airport will shift some transportation services to upper and lower concourses, based on customer demand.