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Police apprehend woman with gun shooting at Dallas Love Field airport

Police apprehend woman with gun shooting at Dallas Love Field airport

Love Field
Dallas Love Field pedestrian area. Photo by Teresa Gubbins

A woman was apprehended after shooting a gun at Dallas Love Field. According to a statement from Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia, a police officer shot and wounded her and took her to the hospital.

Fortunately, no one else was injured.

At a press conference at the airport, Garcia said, "This might change, but I'm telling you what I know."

He said that the shooter was a 37-year-old woman, later identified as Portia Odufuwa.

"At 10:59 am, a 37-year-old woman was dropped off and goes inside to the Southwest Airlines ticket counter," he said. "She goes into a rest room, and either put a hoodie on or different clothing. At some point, one of our officers in the area [spotted her.] She produces a handgun and begins firing."

CNN said she fired into the air.

"At this point, we don't know where exactly the individual was aiming, but there were several rounds found," Garcia said. "Simultaneously our officer engages the suspect, and strikes at her in the lower extremities. She's taken into custody and is currently at the hospital."

Garcia said that no other individuals were injured other than the suspect, and that this was not an "active situation."

"There are no other passengers, family members, or people in that airport that are victims," he said.

One traveler posted that she was checking in at 11 am for a trip to Kenya.

"Taking our luggage out of the car, and we hear 10 gunshots 10 feet away from us," the traveler said. "Everyone running out of the airport, we hit the ground. Everyone is on the floor ducking from the active shooter, my friend is inside the airport in a closet, right now."

"I'm going to a third world country where I worry about my safety and right here at home we have this senseless mess," she said.

Another traveler posted from inside the airport, stating that things were back to normal, "although everyone is tense."

"From inside the secure terminal, all we were told is that there was an incident outside," he said. "We heard the PA announcement for police response but nothing else. But, some people started running from TSA secure area and it started a crowd panic and people started running towards the ends of the terminal area and ducking behind chairs and looking around.  I'm sure we will all hear more. But the secure area inside the airport was never compromised."

Flights were canceled, with some travelers headed to DFW Airport to book alternate flights, but by 12 pm, operations at Love Field resumed.

In 2019, Odufuwa was arrested after trying to rob a bank in Wylie and fleeing on foot. She was evaluated for competency and the case was eventually dismissed.