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Dallas Police Department starts writing tickets for scooter scofflaws

Dallas Police Department starts writing tickets for scooter scofflaws

Razor Share scooter
The DPD is putting scooter riders on notice. Photo courtesy of Razor Share

The Dallas Police Department has stepped up enforcement on electric scooters and will now start writing tickets if riders are found to be breaking the law.

Scooters arrived in Dallas in 2018 and have proven to be a hazard in busy areas such as downtown Dallas and Deep Ellum.

In a press conference on July 31, Deputy Chief Thomas Castro said that the goal is to keep people safe.

"We're not here to try to ruin anybody's evening," Castro said. "We're not here to try to put a financial burden on someone. We're here to keep people safe, and that's our overall goal."

"Most of our enforcement, I would probably say would take place during the week, when it's not as busy," Castro said. "Not saying we won't take enforcement on the weekends, but probably primarily throughout the week so we can gain, hopefully, education and compliance."

Scooters are supposed to be ridden on the street, not on sidewalks, which seems to be the biggest issue drawing complaints. Riders must follow traffic laws, with only one person on each scooter, and anyone under 17 must wear a helmet.

According to CBS 11, the first citation was issued on July 28 in downtown Dallas to a rider accused of running a red light, and about a dozen more citations were issued in Deep Ellum Tuesday for offenses such as not stopping at stop signs and going the wrong way.

Signs are also being posted in populous areas.