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New coworking concept near downtown Dallas rents out desks by the day

New coworking concept near downtown Dallas rents out desks by the day

Harwood coworking
Who wouldn't like to say they have an office in the Rolex building. Photo courtesy of Harwood District

With the pandemic putting the workplace situation in flux, global real estate firm Harwood International has launched a new coworking concept in one of its very own buildings.

Called Nomad Suites, it's a flexible office option available at Harwood No. 1, within the 19-city block Harwood District, at 2651 N. Harwood St., AKA the Rolex building.

It comes with dedicated desks, private offices, and furnished suites, for companies looking to office in the District, but with a low low down and flexible terms.

Harwood's director of leasing Kelly Whaley says in a release that they aim to cater to the needs of any tenant.

"Whether they are looking for a dedicated desk, a private office, or a fully integrated office for a full team, we have the solution to fit their business requirements," Whaley says. "If their needs change in six months, we have 19-city blocks and options to be able to fit dynamic needs."

Nomad Suites features four leasing options:

  • Hot Desks. If you're seeking a place to office a few days out of the week. Enjoy multiple office options from table with charging stations to workstations in the Tenant Lounge. Those start at $250 a month.
  • Dedicated Desks. A reserved station and desk area. Workstations for small teams or individuals. You have the choice to work alongside your colleague, or a station just for you. Starts at $300 a month.
  • Private Offices. Offices starting at 100 square feet; ideal for individuals or teams of two. Each office comes with a lockable door, natural light, and one or two desks. They don't list the price. Probably out of your reach.
  • Enterprise Suites. Best suited for larger teams needing a space to work together. No price listed on this option either. Definitely out of your reach.

Who wouldn't like to say they have a "Hot Desk" at the Rolex building?

"As companies and their teams make their way back into the office, Harwood has seen an increased demand in teams seeking more flexible terms and we are uniquely positioned to cater to growing companies," says Hannah Mesh, Harwood International leasing manager. "If a company is just needing a few desks, we have a place for them. But, if they plan to expand over the next two years, we can find a solution in either an existing building or one soon to be developed. We offer multiple options for leases because we understand that no two businesses are alike, but the desire for flexibility is universal."

Don't forget, Harwood is all about the amenities: manicured gardens, conference centers, tenant lounges, onsite concierge services, in-house catering, fitness centers, and more.

And lest you think this is a not a particular option, think again: According to the release, they've signed over 400,000 square feet in new leases signed since 2020.