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Check out the popular book that Dallas readers can't put down

Check out the popular book that Dallas readers can't put down

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Are you on-trend with your reading material? Fifteen cities across the U.S. reported their library records to Quartz, which then narrowed down the top two adult novels in circulation. Some of the results are predictable, but others are a bit surprising.

In Dallas, the most checked-out book is Paula Hawkins' mystery thriller The Girl on the Train. The book is the most popular in the country, the top pick in five other cities including New York and San Diego, and it was checked out enough to make 11 top 10 lists.

Coming in second is Harper Lee's controversially published Go Set a Watchman, the top read in Seattle, Phoenix, and Baltimore. Watchman was popular enough to be a top 10 most popular book at nine of the libraries.

Houston is devouring James Patterson's latest bestseller, Truth or Die. Some public libraries of well-known bookish cities, including Austin, Boston, Charlotte, and San Antonio, did not provide Quartz with rankings prior to publication.

Quartz notes that the time period for the checkout lists varied by library, but all were each library's most recent figures. Because Go Set a Watchman was released on July 15, its popularity could be underrepresented by some libraries' lists.

If we exclude Hawkins and Lee's books, then Dallasites can't get enough of Gray Mountain by John Grisham. Hollywood-inspired titles such as Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl and John Green's The Fault In Our Stars are also popular around the country, along with Janet Evanovich's Wicked Charms and All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.