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Help ID these thieves brazenly stealing from Dallas shoe store

Help ID these thieves brazenly stealing from Dallas shoe store

Foot Locker thieves
These Foot Locker thieves are not hard to see. Courtesy of DPD

The Dallas Police Department is seeking the public's assistance in identifying what appears to be three burglars who were caught on tape breaking into a Foot Locker in eastern Dallas and stealing a bunch of trainers in boxes.

The police department released a surveillance video taken from the Foot Locker at 9310 E. RL Thornton Fwy., aka I-30, at the intersection of Buckner Boulevard. It documents an incident that took place on October 3, at approximately 11:30 pm, when the suspects force entry into the storeroom located at the back of the store with a crowbar. They then proceed to brazenly, shamelessly make off with dozens of boxes of shoes.

About half of the shoes that are stolen are Nikes, recognizable by their signature orange box. Some of the boxes are also black, which could be Air Jordans. Just speculating here.

If you check out the video, which you can see here, the thieves don't waste time shopping, seeming to know exactly which rows to scan, leading one to conclude that at least two members the trio are familiar with the storeroom.

The third, who seems less familiar with the store but is savvy enough to wear a face-shielding hoodie, idly opens a box of white high-tops to see what's inside.

This offense is documented on case number 226580-2017.

Anyone with information regarding the identity of these suspects is asked to call Detective T. French with the Dallas Police Southeast Investigative Unit at 214-671-0112.