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Ross Perot Jr donates helicopter to Dallas police right in front of city hall

Ross Perot Jr gifts helicopter to Dallas police in front of city hall

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Just gonna land this helicopter in front of City Hall. DPD/Twitter

Interested in helping Dallas fight crime, Ross Perot Jr donated a helicopter to the Dallas Police Department, and did it like he was Bruce Wayne: By flying that helicopter into the center of Dallas and landing it in the plaza in front of Dallas City Hall.

A DPD release states that Perot Jr has a "vested interest" in helping the city of Dallas by providing crime-fighting tools — in this case a Bell 407 helicopter, a model favored for corporate transport, air ambulance, law enforcement, news, and films.

The donation/ceremony/visitation from the sky took place at 8 am on December 1, where Perot Jr and his wife Sarah Fullinwider Perot were met by Mayor Eric Johnson and Dallas Chief of Police Eddie Garcia.

A tweet by the Dallas Police Department described it as a "Remarkable landing entrance by Ross Perot Jr. piloting a Bell 407 Helicopter and landing it in front of the city's icon City Hall." (Former Dallas City Council member Philip Kingston described it otherwise.)

A presentation included speakers Dallas Deputy Police Chief Michael Igo and Bell Helicopter executive VP Robert Hastings, and a presentation of the tail rotor blade was made to Perot Jr by Helicopter Unit personnel.

Ross Jr is into flying helicopters: In 1982, he flew in a helicopter to more than 26 countries around the world, and when Russia wouldn't let him land on their soil to refuel, he famously landed the helicopter on a container ship in the middle of the ocean.

The release says that the police department is looking forward to using this new tool for crime fighting, as well as helping other city departments such as fire, code enforcement, and emergency management.