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Dallas-raised Michael Nesmith of '60s pop band the Monkees dies

Dallas-raised Michael Nesmith of '60s pop band the Monkees dies

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Michael Nesmith is playing the guitar. Twitter

A Dallas-raised member of the '60s pop band the Monkees has died: Michael Nesmith, guitarist, musician, and songwriter died on December 10; he was 78.

According to Rolling Stone, he died Friday of heart failure at his California home.

His family released a statement that said, "With infinite love we announce that Michael Nesmith has passed away this morning in his home, surrounded by family, peacefully and of natural causes. We ask that you respect our privacy at this time and we thank you for the love and light that all of you have shown him and us."

His last Facebook post was on August 26. "Just returned from the public health testers who confirmed that I do not have COVID," he said. "Now it’s back to work setting up the tour. I’m really looking forward to this. So happy to publish these results."

When "The Monkees" debuted in 1966, Nesmith, along with bandmates Mickey Dolenz, Peter Tork, and Davy Jones, became teen idols overnight.

Nesmith, who was born in Houston and grew up in Dallas where he attended Thomas Jefferson High School, was noted for his signature green jersey hat. He was also known for his disenchantment with being part of a packaged band, with no input on albums, and avoided reunion tours in later years.

The Monkees disbanded in 1968, and Nesmith subsequently wrote a number of songs, including "Different Drum," which singer Linda Ronstadt recorded in 1967 for her first hit single.

Only Dolenz is still alive; singer Jones died from a heart attack at age 66 in 2012, and Tork died of cancer at age 77 in 2019.

Nesmith's other unusual claim to fame is that his mother Bette Nesmith Graham was the inventor of Liquid Paper.