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Skateboarding elbows back into Deep Ellum Dallas with new retail shop

Skateboarding elbows back into Deep Ellum Dallas with new retail shop

The Point Skating Shop
Here's your boards, your decks, your rides, man. Photo courtesy of The Point

A new shop has opened in Deep Ellum that brings back some of the neighborhood's old-school authenticity. Called The Point Skate Shop, it's a store that sells skateboards and gear, and also has an in-house ramp where you can skate on the premises.

The Point originated in Fairview, where it was opened three years ago by friends and skateboad fanatics Daniel Brodsky, Nate Smith, and Drew Dorbritz. With that store sailing smoothly, the trio felt like Deep Ellum needed a haven for skateboarders, whether novice or pros, not to mention bring back a hallowed tradition for the neighborhood, where skateboarding was once upon a time a thing.

The Point sells everything from the boards to wheels, wax, protective gear, shoes, hats and clothing of all kinds, to cameras you can attach to yourself to document your ride.

They also offer lessons, skating parties, and other events.

They started in Fairview because there was a skate shop there that closed down and they were able to take over the location, Dorbritz says.

"But also, most of North Texas has skateparks throughout the northern suburban cities like Allen, Frisco, Lewisville, and Plano, so the store supports that community," he says. "When we saw the shop going out, we felt like we could step up and do better than what had been done."

Opening in Deep Ellum fills a similar role. "With skate parks like Guapo and 4DWN nearby, there's a community there to be served," he says.

"Being in Deep Ellum seemed important," he says "We're right off Main Street, in the former Galaxy Club space, part of an effort to revitalize the retail side of Deep Ellum. Elm Street has the bars and clubs, and it's good to keep that. We're one street over so we're helping add to that neighborhood."

And miraculously, they've managed to wedge a bowl into the Deep Ellum location, just like their shop in Fairview.

"About one third of the space is the bowl and the other two thirds is retail," Dorbritz says. "We're not the first shop to have a bowl but it's probably unusual for most shops to have one."

Anyone can come in and skate there for $5, or if you make a purchase that's $5 or more, you can skate for free. You can also buy a store-brand deck which serves as a kind of membership card and ride for free.

Their lessons are designed to make you skate park ready, with tips on pushing, turns, ollies, and dropping in. A single lesson is $55, but the price drops when you buy a package deal.

If they have any competition, it's probably online sales, but there's nothing quite like customer service and the tactile pleasure of holding a board in your hand, whether you're buying a long board for cruising the streets or a narrow "popsicle" used for fancy tricks.

"We go really heavy into hard goods," Dorbritz says, referring to all the items that make up a skateboard: decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, shock pads, nuts & bolts, and griptape. "We have the largest selection of hard goods in the area. We're an alternative to shopping online where you come into store and we have everything you're looking for."