Underwater Suspense

Black Sea director Kevin Macdonald talks underwater thrills and Jude Law's transformation

Black Sea director on underwater thrills and Jude Law's transformation

Kevin Macdonald is a decorated documentary filmmaker who's only turned to fiction in the last decade. But he's brought his sense of realism with him, making films like The Last King of Scotland and State of Play crackle with energy.

His latest, Black Sea, is a heist movie unlike any other, as it takes place mostly underwater aboard a submarine, with the goal of looting a long-forgotten Russian submarine carrying hundreds of millions of dollars worth of gold.

In the video above, Macdonald sat down with CultureMap to talk about the making of the film, the performance of star Jude Law and his now infamous appearance on the WTF with Marc Maron podcast.

Black Sea opens nationwide on Friday, January 30.

Director Kevin Macdonald on the set of Black Sea
Director Kevin Macdonald went underwater for his latest film, Black Sea. Photo courtesy of Focus Features