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Axe-throwing trend hits hard with new spot opening in East Dallas

Axe-throwing trend hits hard with new spot opening in East Dallas

bad axe
It's just people throwing around axes. Photo courtesy of Bad Axe

If it takes three to make a trend (and it does), then Dallas-Fort Worth is now officially on board with the axe-throwing trend. Bad Axe Throwing, a new concept to Texas, will open in East Dallas at 5438 E. Grand Ave., where it will host a grand opening the weekend of June 8-10.

Bad Axe Throwing was founded in Ontario, Canada in 2014, and has locations in cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Philadelphia, and Kansas City; Dallas will be the 18th location.

Axe-throwing as a diversion originated in Canada, and is a non-sporty sport like darts, paintball, or bowling that does not require you to be fit to participate. This, along with its ice-breaking novelty, makes it perfect for first dates, group outings, and team-building corporate events.

The number of facilities in the United States keeps growing; at last count, there were more than 40.

Bad Axe founder Mario Zelaya says that it's part of a desire for new, interactive forms of entertainment.

"Axe throwing is really a traditional hobby that we’ve turned into a unique experience," he says in a release. "It's perfect to celebrate any occasion or simply get a group of friends together because anyone of any skill can participate and have a lot of fun."

He likens axe throwing to throwing darts at a bar, but instead of tiny darts you can hold in one hand, it's axes with a blade large enough to hack off a hand, if not properly deployed.

Bad Axe has experts on hand to prevent that kind of thing. The company represents the third axe-throwing concept in the DFW. There are currently two: Flying Axe Factory in Fort Worth, and the confusingly-named Dallas Axe Throwing, which is actually located in Richardson (and whose website is way too janky to link to).

But Bad Axe gets extra points as the first in Dallas proper, and it's going in an interesting location: 5438 E. Grand Ave., right near I-30. This is primarily a Mexican neighborhood that's just an axe's throw from Lakewood. For Lakewooders who need to get their ya-yas out, it's just a short drive away.

The company always hosts free open houses to demystify the axe throwing experience and that'll happen at the grand opening June 8-10.

"Our open houses are legendary and we’re happy to have everyone and anyone try their hand at learning at new skill," Zelaya says.