East Dallas

Peek inside these 7 diverse houses on Lake Highlands' spring home tour

Photo courtesy of Lake Highlands Home Tour
7915 Forest Tr. 3,300 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths This stunning designer home, owned and designed by Emily Hewitt of Emily Hewitt and Associates, was built in the 1940s in Lakewood and transported to Lake Highlands in the 1970s. Hewitt purchased the home and transformed this quaint house into a must-see space. The designer kitchen will make you feel like you managed to score the best chef’s table reservation in Dallas. The wide-open living room spills into the curated kitchen complete with open shelving and a large island. This home features a double staircase, which divides the study from the main living area of the house, giving a unique feel of privacy but still keeping with the open nature of the home. Wander up the stairs to either find a playful game room even Peter Pan would envy or gorgeous bedrooms full of collected treasures.