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Top shops in Dallas to get your flower fix

Top shops in Dallas to get your flower fix

Floral Arrangement from Cebolla in Dallas
Arrangement at Cebolla Fine Flowers. Cebolla Fine Flowers/Facebook
Avant Garden in Highland Park Village
Avant Garden is known for its floral as well as its gifts. Avant Garden/Facebook
Flower arrangment at Grange Hall in Dallas
Grange Hall has a rep for its unusual and edgy arrangements. Grange Hall/Facebook
Floral Arrangement from Cebolla in Dallas
Avant Garden in Highland Park Village
Flower arrangment at Grange Hall in Dallas

There are those among us for whom a room without flowers is not an option. After all, in most European locales, even the poorest of residents will have a rose or small arrangement in their home.

It’s one way of keeping nature and a welcome dose of civility close at hand. In the flower world, there are floral arrangements and then there are finely calibrated visual thrills.

When you want the latter — whether for friends, romantic partners, relatives or just yourself — these are the Dallas shops that deliver.

If you have a penchant for exotic orchids, this is your nirvana. Atelier has its own grower in the Midwest that specializes in some of the most fabulous species of orchids you’ll find anywhere in the Unites States.

Atelier is also devoted to importing the finest Italian and French-cut flowers. One example: Roses from the Continent are known to have higher petal counts and a deeper fragrance than varieties from California or other countries. Owner and designer Nancy Sheets has been dealing in the best of the best for 30 years, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you give her a call looking for floral splendor. 214-750-7622.

Avant Garden
Located in Highland Park Village and self-described as “Belle Époque with a modern twist,” Avant Garden has a list of regular clients that reads like a swanky social register. In addition to providing sumptuous arrangements for lavish weddings and banquets, the shop can handle anything you might need in the way of party-worthy floral.

Also, there are plenty of things to love in-store, including succulents and potted blooming plants with skillful accents. From driftwood and bamboo to cacti and orchids, Avant Garden has ideal items ready to send out or take home. 214-559-3432.

Cebolla Fine Flowers
Because of a direct relationship to growers in Holland, Cebolla stays ahead of the curve when it comes to new ideas and breezy solutions to complex floral dilemmas. For instance, the latest craze is “European hand ties.”

They start with a showy bundle of well-chosen greenery that definitely exceeds the usual verdant “background noise” for an arrangement, then punctuate it with well-chosen blossoms from the Netherlands. This gives shoppers a huge and gorgeous bouquet at a reasonable price point. There’s no container and, thus, it’s possible to head home with a floral bundle secured with twine and immediately plunge the goodies into a vase.

By the way, said bouquet could include blooming oregano — which is purple and, hence, fit for royalty. Or your own bedside table. 214-369-7673.

Dr. Delphinium
Dr. Delphinium has been a longtime favorite of Dallasites in need of arrangements for a business or restaurant setting or those who simply want to brighten up a room at home. The shop offers everything from plants to freshly cut flowers for the do-it-yourselfer, or the skilled designers will put together an impressive bouquet appropriate for special occasions.

They also tout the importance of flowers and "interior landscaping" for the workplace. It isn't merely an opportunity to make things more lovely; studies show that it also makes employees more productive. Sounds like a proverbial win-win. 214-522-9911.

The Garden Gate
Head designer Junior has been dubbed a “savant” by loyal customers. Among the city’s luminaries, he’s known for fabulous taste akin to a musical gift for perfect pitch.

Along with show-stopping arrangements, the shop offers an array of candles, frames, lamps and (even) a Chihuly chandelier. The new location in the Dallas Design District is ideal. After all, wouldn’t an arrangement look terrific in a trendy loft surrounded by art and collectibles? 214-220-1272.

Grange Hall
Of course everything must begin with beautiful, fresh flowers. However, in the hands of Grange Hall designers, they can morph into anything from a lavish bouquet ideal for impressing a corporate client or an outré arrangement that incorporates antlers, sculpture, skulls and crosses.

Much of Grange Hall’s work has a Victorian sensibility. Although it might not be for everyone, it’s sure to make a statement like no other. If you’re yearning to send an arrangement to the rock star in your life, this is your source. 214-443-0600.