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Need to find the perfect coworking space in North Texas? We got you.

Need to find the perfect coworking space in North Texas? We got you.

Common Desk
Freelancers and startups have myriad coworking options around Dallas-Fort Worth, like Common Desk in Deep Ellum. Common Desk

The coffee shop has long been the refuge of startups and freelancers, but today, North Texas is awash with coworking spaces, where members can find like-minded individuals and a fostering community. There are so many, in fact, that it can be hard to keep track of all of them.

To help, we put together a comprehensive list of coworking establishments from Dallas to Fort Worth to Denton and everywhere in between.

Addison TreeHouse
Where: Addison
What: The TreeHouse was founded by the City of Addison and the Dallas Entrepreneur Center and offers coworking space as well as education, mentorship and resources from the Addison Economic Development Department.
Cost: $200/month for coworking space, $300/month for dedicated desk, $750/month for dedicated office
Hours: 8 am-5 pm Monday-Friday for coworking, 24/7 for dedicated

Backlot FW
Where: Fort Worth
What: Backlot caters to creatives looking for a space where they can bounce ideas around with one another. It also features studio space for video or photography plus gear rental. The Drive-On rate gives you access from 9 am-6 pm, Monday-Friday, plus gear and studio discounts; Director-In-Residence rate allows 24/7 access, one free studio rental per month and a personal beer mug with unlimited pours from the studio kegerator. Clutch.
Cost: $150/month for Drive-On, $375/month for Director-In-Residence with three-month minimum
Hours: 9 am-6 pm Monday-Friday for Drive-On, 24/7 for Director-In-Residence

coLAB Workspace
Where: Fort Worth
What: For the business that needs its own office, coLAB has 28 dedicated suites that offer enough room for a startup that’s a little more established. Of course, there’s a coworking space where you can rent desks. The building also has a conference room for up to 12 people and a courtyard for when you need to recharge under the sun.
Cost: $150/month for coworking desk, $775/month for suite, $850/month for large suite
Hours: 5:30 am-7:30 pm Monday-Sunday for coworking, 24/7 for suites

Common Desk
Where: Deep Ellum
What: This is the place for creatives and tech startups that enjoy an open setup and plenty of conference room space. It has a coffee shop vibe, down to the fireplace lounge area. It’s been in expansion mode, but the laid-back atmosphere and hipster-chic décor keep everything relaxed. CultureMap likes this place so much that it’s been our home since summer 2013.
Cost: $100/month for nights and weekends membership, $200/month for general access, $400/month for dedicated desk, $850+/month for office
Hours: 5 pm-midnight Monday-Friday and 7 am-midnight Saturday-Sunday for nights and weekends membership, 7 am-midnight daily for everything else

The Dallas Entrepreneur Center
Where: West End
What: The DEC offers open coworking and dedicated workspace, but its main draw is as an incubator for startups in pre- and post-revenue stages looking to accelerate. More than 100 mentors and advisors work with the DEC and startups, with the goal to build up Dallas’ small-business community. All levels are given 24/7 access.
Cost: $250/month for coworking, $350/month for dedicated desk, $750/month for dedicated office, $1,100/month for dedicated desk pod of four. Incubator prices are the same for all levels of dedicated, but there is a more stringent application process.
Hours: 24/7

Fort Work
Where: Downtown Dallas (wait, what?)
What: Fort Work is a two-story coworking space within Alto 211 downtown. It has 20,000 square feet, including the largest tech event space in the area, with capacity for 250 seated, five conference rooms and an art gallery.
Cost: $59/month for access two days a week, $99 for full-time and conference room access, $199/month for dedicated desk
Hours: 24/7

The Foundry Club
Where: Mockingbird Station
What: The Foundry Club offers upscale office amenities for small businesses and startups looking for a polished space among like-minded members. It currently fills up the entire fifth floor of one of Mockingbird Station’s buildings and plans to expand to the first floor this summer for an additional 5,000-6,000 square feet.
Cost: $250/month for flex spacing and five hours of conference room time, $399/month for dedicated individual work space and 15 hours of conference room time, $1,095+ for dedicated office space
Hours: 7 am- 6 pm Monday-Friday & 7 am-1 pm Saturday for flex, 24/7 for everything else 

The Garage
Where: Deep Ellum
What: Located right across the street from Common Desk, The Garage is a coworking space with an internal accelerator called MentorVault. There’s a team of mentors that work with businesses in fields ranging from tech to energy to real estate with a focus on product development, sales and revenue. The Garage offers 24/7 access to all full-time members.
Cost: $199/month for “Grease Monkey” basic plan, $349/month for “Mechanic’s Apprentice” (dedicated desk), $799/month for “Master Mechanic” (dedicated office)
Hours: 24/7

The Grove
Where: West End
What: For the small business or freelancer, The Grove offers more than 14,000 square feet that includes 18 private offices, eight meeting rooms and two kitchens. Memberships range from five days per month up to dedicated office space.
Cost: $75/month for part time, $150/month for full-time coworking, $250/month for 24/7 access, $375+/month for dedicated desk, $600+/month for private office
Hours: 8 am-5 pm Monday-Friday for part and full time, 24/7 for everything else

Where: Carrollton
What: HeadSpace is for the north-of-Dallas creative who is looking to get a little structure without feeling cramped by bustling coffee shops. It offers 24/7 access for people in advertising, design, tech, art and entertainment and has open desk seating, dedicated desks, dedicated offices and meeting spaces plus a Skype lounge.
Cost: $199/month for open desk seating, $299/month for dedicated desk seating and $899 for a dedicated office with two desks
Hours: 24/7

The Kaleidoscope for Her
Where: West End
What: A coworking space designed by women, for women, The Kaleidoscope for Her resides at White Space in the West End. The space focuses on collaboration and community for female entrepreneurs and offers courses for getting a business off the ground, growing your business, and career help.
Cost: $350/month for membership, $150-200/month for additional mentorship
Hours: 8 am-6 pm Monday-Friday

The Kessler Co-op
Where: North Oak Cliff
What: Located behind the historic Kessler Theater, The Kessler Co-op offers coworking space for all the Cliff Dwellers looking for a place to collaborate and work. Plus, if you ever get bored or need a break, you can just pop over to the theater for a live show.
Cost: $200/month for anytime/anywhere coworking, $135/month for nights/weekends owl desk membership and $500/month for a permanent office
Hours: 24/7 for anytime/anywhere membership and permanent offices, 5 pm and later and weekends for owl desk membership

Where: Far North Dallas
What: First of all, it's pronounced Node, and it's for small businesses, individuals and start ups. There's the lounge, dedicated desks or offices and event spaces for large-group training sessions. Nod also has mentors and advisors ranging from entrepreneurs to graphic designers to angel investors for an incubator feel if you need it.
Cost: $150/month for coworking space, $200/month for desk and $500+ for offices
Hours: 24/7

Where: Lower Greenville
What: Spryrocket is almost coffee-shop-level relaxed with plenty of work stations throughout and two lounge areas for chilling. There’s nothing fancy here, just a bunch of people that are all in agreement on how to work. Being on Lower Greenville doesn’t hurt.
Cost: $168/month
Hours: 24/7

Where: Denton
What: TechMill is for anyone in Denton’s booming startup sector. Little D is quickly becoming a hub for entrepreneurs, and it was named the top Texas county for tech jobs by the Progressive Policy Institute last year. TechMill is a nonprofit that started out attached to Banter Bistro; it recently moved into a new space on South Elm, where it offers access from 9 am-7 pm, Monday-Friday.
Cost: Free first-come at Banter, $150/month for regular membership, $200/month for a dedicated desk

Where: The Design District
What: If you're a shutterbug looking for a physical space where you'll be surrounded by other photographers, graphic designers, one-person start ups and the like, you'll like WELD down in the Design District. In addition to the desks and offices, WELD has studios for photography as well as equipment to supplement any gear you might be missing for your shoot.
Cost: $400/month for full time or “welder” status, $150/month for “lite members”
Hours: 10 am-7 pm Monday-Friday for lite members, 24/7 for welder level members

The Werx
Where: McKinney
What: Located in McKinney's historic Cotton Mill, The Werx looks like a giant loft apartment. The Werx primarily caters to tech startups and works closely with the McKinney Economic Development Corporation and its Emerging Technology Program. Dedicated desk members also have access to the space's mentors.
Cost: $75/month for open seating, $150/month for a dedicated desk. Private offices are expected to be available March 2015.
Hours: 9 am-5 pm Monday-Friday for open seating, 6 am-midnight Monday-Sunday for dedicated desk


Did we miss one? If so, you have our permission to yell at us in the comments. Be gentle. We’ll add it.