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Dallas ranks among worst big cities for women in tech, new study says

Dallas ranks among worst big cities for women in tech, new study says

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Only one Texas city has been deemed one of the best for women in technology, according to a SmartAsset report.  Photo by Christina Morillo/Pexels

If you're a woman in the technology industry in Dallas, your career might not be as thriving as your counterparts' in other cities.

Dallas is ranked in the bottom 10 — specifically, 51st out of 58 — among big cities in the United States for women in technology jobs, according to a report from SmartAsset. It tied with Nashville for that spot.

The study took into consideration four key factors; gender pay gap, income after housing, and percentage of tech jobs filled by women were all double weighted, while four-year employment growth was factored in. Using data from the U.S. Census, SmartAsset only looked at cities with populations of 200,000 residents or more that had reliable data, which left the study with 58 cities across the country.

Among Texas cities, Houston was tops, earning a spot at No. 4 nationwide. 

Houston's tech pay is what stood out for the city. The average female tech worker there has $60,646 left from her salary after paying for a home, and Houston ranks eighth overall in this metric. With a ratio of 99 percent, Houston's wage gap when it comes to tech jobs ranked the city No. 3 for smallest wage gap. However, at 26 percent, Houston has a somewhat low percentage of women in tech positions.

By comparison, the average female tech worker in Dallas has $44,808 left from her salary after housing costs. Dallas' wage gap is 78 percent. And women fill just 24.7 percent of tech positions in Dallas.

A few other DFW cities came in ahead of Dallas on the survey — Fort Worth landed highest among them, at a respectable No. 20; Plano came in at No. 27; and Irving secured No. 35. Perhaps surprisingly, Austin only managed a ranking of 44th.

Which cities ranked highest? Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia topped the list. California's major tech players — such as San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland — all ranked in the middle of the pack or worse.

And trailing Dallas at the bottom of the list were Portland, Oregon; Madison, Wisconsin; Los Angeles; Raleigh, North Carolina; Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Colorado Springs.


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