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Dallas-based app gives fanatical fans another outlet for fanaticism

Dallas-based app gives fanatical fans another outlet for fanaticism

Dallas Comic Con Fan Days
Dripthat is hoping cosplayers will make it indispensable. Photo courtesy of Dallas Comic Con

There's a new app targeted toward "fanatical fans," and few are as fanatical as cosplay and comic-book enthusiasts. Which is exactly why the creators of the Dallas-based app Dripthat decided to focus on this niche community for its debut.

Designed to help creators share and monetize their content without sponsors or ads, Dripthat encourages micro in-app purchases for exclusive photos and videos. Called "drips," these bits of content are what the truly devoted seek out. It's sort of similar to another new Dallas-based app, CreateGate, though that one functions more as a directory for artists.

"Dripthat is an app that will empower the creator,” says CEO and co-founder Cole Egger. "We think social media is going in a direction that will not only embrace this kind of change, but in return, support and reward those who actually create great quality content."

The app isn't meant to replace social media, but rather work in tandem with the current platforms, while eliminating the need for outside sponsorship. Each user is in charge of his or her own content, deciding where to place a paywall, how much to charge, or even whether to charge at all.

It's free to browse Dripthat, but those who are looking to unlock the premium content can pay with dripcoins. The virtual currency starts at $1.99 for 15 dripcoins, and the price per dripcoin decreases as you buy larger packages. The creator of a drip receives 5 cents for each dripcoin spent on his or her content.

Dripthat for iOS went live in May, and an Android version is slated to roll out soon. The company may be small — seven employees currently work at the downtown Dallas office — but five of them are under the age of 24, giving the social-based technology startup a unique perspective.