Come and Get Me

New delivery app combines everything you love about Favor and Uber

New delivery app combines everything you love about Favor and Uber

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Get Me blends delivery and ride-sharing services.

There are a plethora of delivery and ride-sharing apps available in Dallas, but a new startup claims to offer the best of both services in one simple app.

Dallas-based Get Me, which launched here in August and in Austin this past week, is a multipurpose app that acts as a one-stop shop for a variety of offerings. A cross between Favor and Uber, Get Me not only connects you to "Go-Getters" who deliver items, but also picks you up at in-town locations.

"Rather than having all of those different apps, you have one app that's a personal concierge at the touch of a button," says Derek Dunlop, Get Me board advisor and senior product director. "We can basically do anything."

"You can do everything from one location," echoes Co-founder Jonathan Laramy.

The app is divided in two sections: "something" or "somewhere" (which also happens to be the company's slogan). "Something" can be as simple as coffee or as complicated as a grocery run. Users choose from pre-loaded stores or customize their order depending on the need. If you'd like to get "somewhere," you can specify the size of vehicle needed and a Go-Getter will pick you up.

Get Me rates reflect time of day and distance, and they are outlined by zones centered around your location. The charge for a delivery or ride might be a little higher than competitors' price tags, but the company promises there are no hidden fees or surge pricing.

"[In Dallas], it's about 60 percent deliveries and 40 percent rides," Laramy notes. "And it's not specifically food items."

In addition to providing residents with much-needed services, the company also aims to promote the local economy. A Go-Getter job with Get Me is above minimum wage and boasts insurance coverage, and participating stores and restaurants are paid upon purchase.

"We want the consumer, the merchant, and the driver to have the best experience," Laramy says.

With a defined focus, Get Me is poised for success. It's the only app of its kind operating in the United States and is rolling out to new markets in record time. In addition to Dallas and Austin, Get Me will launch in Houston this month. An introduction to Las Vegas is scheduled for November, and the company already has its eyes on the international market for next year.