Living Large

This Dallas suburb lives large in some of America's biggest apartments

This Dallas suburb lives large in some of America's biggest apartments

Tribeca Apartment Homes in Plano, Texas
Only Atlanta has bigger apartments than Plano.  Photo courtesy of Tribeca

Everything is bigger in Texas, including our housing. According to apartment search website RentCafe, Plano ranks No. 2 on a list of cities with the largest apartment sizes. Houston, Dallas, and Irving aren't too far behind.

RentCafe's research team analyzed apartment data in the 100 largest U.S. cities to determine which cities are living large — and which ones are pretty cramped.

Apartments across the U.S. have gotten smaller over the past decade — square footage has decreased by 8 percent on average — but Plano seems to be untouched by the trend. The average square footage for a two-bedroom apartment in the Dallas suburb is 1,084. An average one-bedroom has 765 square feet, and a studio boasts 578 square feet. To compare, new studios in the U.S. have only 504 square feet on average.

Houston ranks No. 15 on the list, and Dallas and Irving tie for the No. 18 spot. Dallas apartments are smaller than what you'll find in Plano, but not by much. A two-bedroom in Big D has about 50 less square feet.

Atlanta ranks No. 1 on the list, with an average 1,125 square feet for a two-bedroom apartment. Meanwhile in Tucson, Arizona, spaces are small. A one-bedroom there boasts a measly 595 square feet, about the size of a Plano studio.