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Austin coffeehouse transports old-timey flair to quaint downtown Frisco

Austin coffeehouse transports old-time flair to quaint downtown Frisco

Summer Moon Coffee Bar
This cup of coffee, coming to Frisco, was powered by bicycles. Photo courtesy of Summer Moon

Dallas has a history of liking coffee from Austin, and it's about to get another fix: Austin roaster Summer Moon will open its first Dallas-area coffee shop in the busy-busy suburb of Frisco.

This is not the shiny new Frisco of Dallas Cowboys headquarters fame — it is instead historic downtown Frisco, with its charming brick storefronts. Summer Moon will open at 6943 Main St., in the old Horse Hardware, a 10-year-old store that sold equine gear; it closed in October.

Summer Moon has a unique profile among coffee vendors. The chain opened its first location in Austin in 2002 as a coffee bar, then expanded into roasting. But not just any roasting. This is roasting as done by bearded fellows.

Following the craft of 19th century coffee roasters, it roasts its beans manually in a brick hearth that burns hand-split Texas oak. The roasting drum is hooked up to a bicycle, requiring that someone ride the bicycle in order to turn the drum (you can see it on a video here).

The beans are organic and fair-trade, and the menu includes hot and cold espresso and coffee drinks, mochas, smoothies, frozen lemonade, and teas. There will also be muffins, bagels, breakfast tacos, cookies, and pastries.

Its signature is the "moon milk," which is used for drinks. It's a secret recipe, ssshhh, unable to say what's in it because it's a secret. But sugar seems to be a prime ingredient, along with possibly whipped cream or condensed milk, and maybe spices like vanilla and cinnamon.

A family-owned, family-run, family-oriented business, Summer Moon has amenities for kids that are unique for coffeehouses, such as shorter tables and chairs, books, and games.

Austin's Houndstooth Coffee opened a location in Dallas on Henderson Avenue in 2014, and now has a second branch at the Sylvan Thirty complex.

Summer Moon currently has six branches, one of which — the South 1st Street shop — was a stop on the twee Gilmore Girls pop-up tour that took place in October 2016. There are two new stores in the works for 2017: the one in Frisco and another opening in Austin at Avery Ranch.