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Gelato shop at Dallas' Preston Hollow Village closes after 4 years

Gelato shop at Dallas' Preston Hollow Village closes after 4 years

Frost Gelato
This gelato is no longer available in Dallas. Photo courtesy of Frost

A popular dessert spot at Dallas' Preston Hollow Village has closed up shop: Frost Gelato, which opened at the upscale center in 2016, closed its doors at the end of December.

Melvin Landry, who owned the shop with his wife Jacqueline, said he's not at liberty to discuss the details, but confirms that they are closed and have no plans to re-open.

Frost Gelato, which serves gelato, sorbet, gelato cakes, and beverages such as coffee and hot chocolate, was founded by Jeff Kaiserman and Stephen Ochoa, two longtime friends who met chef Nazario Melchionda while attending a gelato school in Italy run by ice cream machine maker Carpigiani.

The trio opened their first location in Tucson in 2005, and have since expanded to California, New Mexico, and Richmond, Virginia.

But the company has seen a number of recent closures including the Hill Country Galleria location in Austin; stores in Albuquerque and Chicago; and more recently, a closure in San Diego in December.

The only location currently open in Texas is at the Domain in Austin.

The Dallas shop always seemed to have business, but it can't be easy to make ends meet when you're selling items that cost $5 or less, and are contending with Preston Hollow Village rent and the costs associated with being a franchisee.

Frost's departure leaves gelato seekers to head to Botolino Gelato Artigianale on Greenville Avenue, and the oh-so-pretty Amorino Gelato which has two locations, at Legacy West in Plano, and in Fort Worth at the Shops at Clearfork.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Preston Hollow Village says that they're reviewing candidates to take over the Frost space.