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Tex-Mex restaurant clocks out of Oak Lawn

Tex-Mex restaurant clocks out of Oak Lawn

Cyclone Anaya's
No more of these being served on Oak Lawn with the closure of Cyclone Anaya's. Photo courtesy of Cyclone Anaya's

After seven years, Oak Lawn Tex-Mex restaurant Cyclone Anaya's has swung its last punch. The restaurant named after boxer Jesus "Cyclone Anaya" Valencia is closing January 9, due to "no business," according to a staffer.

Cyclone opened in 2008, carrying on the margarita tradition established by the previous tenant, Nuevo Leon. Cyclone was an import from Houston and part of an ambitious plan to settle in Dallas; another branch opened in Fairview in 2012, but it was closed by January 2014.

Signature items included lobster enchiladas and bottomless mimosas on the weekend brunch. The restaurant received good response when it first opened, but the food had declined in the past few years.

There are also two other Tex-Mex restaurants a stone's throw away: Campuzano and Mattito's, which last year moved to the Centrum building; you can practically see it from Cyclone Anaya's patio. That's a lot of Tex-Mex in a couple of blocks.

"We've all seen it coming, but sad to see this place leaving," said one Facebook regular.